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Laser radar scanning system in hostile environments

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The patent relates to a compact optical scanning system of laser radar systems. It is controlled by low-power motors resistant to hard rad, to be applied in hostile environments (high temperature, void, magnetic field, gamma radiation and neutron fluxes, chemical agents, etc).

Technical features

The optical system is made up of mirrors and motorized rotating bases that allow laser scan in incoherent laser radar devices (amplitude modulated, pulsed, frequency modulated) over the whole solid angle. With the configuration being so compact and robust, the problems that traditional scanning systems encounter in critical environments, such as fusion or fission nuclear reactors, are completely solved.

Possible Applications

  • Monitoring of structures and environments in hostile conditions and with limited access areas;
  • Fusion or fission nuclear reactors.


  • Compactness;
  • Resistance;
  • Application in critical environments.