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Laparoscopic device

Disposable toolsLaparoscopyminimally invasive surgerySurgerysurgical instrument


The invention describes a new inexpensive hand-held surgical instrument equipped with a highly dexterous and disposable extremity. This kind of hand-held instruments bring together the advantages of both robotic systems (dexterous extremity) and hand-held surgical instruments (low cost) making the execution of very precise surgical intervention possible, while keeping very low production costs.

Technical features

Laparoscopic surgery allows to manipulate the internal tissues of the patients remaining away from the surgical field, therefore reducing invasiveness and recovery times as well as costs. This is possible by using hand-held surgical tools or robotic laparoscopic systems which are both characterized by high performance and high costs. Within this frame there is a need to design hand-held surgical instruments that can provide a good compromise bet ween high efficiency and as lower as possible costs.

The invention deals with a new cheap hand-held surgical instrument equipped that provide a greater number of degrees of freedom than instruments of equal price on the market. The tool has three degrees of freedom, two rotations around fixed center and a degree of freedom to achieve the opening/closing of the clamp.

Possible Applications

Any type of laparoscopy surgery


  • Greater number of degrees of freedom
  • Low cost
  • Possibility of building many parts of the tool by plastic
  • Significant reduction of the clamp/scissor size