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Kojic derivative: mitosis inhibitor in the tumour cells

cancerCancroColorectal cancerGlioblastomaKojic acidmitosis


The present invention relates to the production of kojic acid derivatives which are able to selectively block the cell cycle of tumor cells, in particular colorectal and glioblastoma tumor cells. The same can be used in combination with various drugs to be used in the treatment of specific clinical cases and in the veterinary field.

Technical features

Our invention responds to the need to have a therapeutic alternative in cancer, in particular colorectal cancer and glioblastoma using kojic acid derivatives. The rationale of this project is based on our in vitro data on cell lines derived from different types of tumors and biopsies deriving from patients with colon or rectal cancer. The data obtained from these experiments indicate that only cells obtained from colorectal and glioblastoma tumors are sensitive to the inhibitory effect exerted by compound L1 on cell proliferation. Cell lines from other tumors or from so-called normal cells show no obvious sensitivity to treatment. The synthesis of compound L1 is a simple, fast and cost-effective One-Step synthesis. Our experimental results indicate that compound L1 is not only selective but does not show toxic side effects.

Possible Applications

  • Therapy and treatment of tumors (colon, rectum, glioblastoma), corresponding recurrences and metastases in humans and animals;
  • Tumor prevention therapy  of tumors (colon, rectum, glioblastoma), corresponding recurrences and metastases in humans and animals.


  • Selective anti-tumor therapy against cancer cells;
  • Minimization of side effects thanks to selectivity;
  • Low cost of organic synthesis of the compound;
  • The green organic synthesis of the compound.