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A modular, flexible and eco-friendly system for transplanting aquatic and terrestrial plant species, aimed at the conservation and/or restoration of natural environments. A kit for transplanting plant species, in which each component can be made from biodegradable materials. Its use, in addition to limiting the losses of plant material that occur during the cultivation of plants, due to exposure to numerous physical stress factors, can drastically reduce the use of plastics, currently in common use in the field of horticulture. and not only.

Technical features

The kit proposed for the transplanting of aquatic and terrestrial plant species, has the great advantage of being made of biodegradable materials and being assembled according to environmental conditions. It consists of a series of basic elements that can be assembled and interchanged and can be  used in various areas, marine or dune, but also terrestrial as a support in interventions of naturalistic engineering, in relation to the orography of the substrate and the type of plant material to be transplanted (cuttings or seedlings).
The use of pots combined with the support modules of the kit allows to propagate (from seed and cuttings) and cultivate plants in nurseries and aquaculture plants and then to plant the obtained plants together with their container, ensuring protection and stability to the plant growth. This allows to minimise transplant stress and to overcome the most critical phase, the rooting, which currently limits the success of restoration interventions of coastal ecosystems.

Possible Applications

  • Eco-sustainable production and planting of dune and terrestrial plants;
  • Restoration of marine-coastal ecosystems and terrestrial green areas;
  • Production and moulding of eco-sustainable tools for the management and conservation of the environment, so-called “Nature-based solutions”.


  • Modular, flexible and eco-friendly system;
  • Reduced need of non-biodegradable plastic containers;
  • Biodegradable support structures (nets, hooks, frames, mattresses, mats);
  • Eco-sustainability of environmental interventions.