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Kit for the production of a radiopharmaceutical for positron emission tomography (PET)

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The proposed invention is a kit for the production of a radiopharmaceutical detectable by positron emission tomography (PET) without the need to have access to a cyclotron.

Technical features

The present invention refers to a radiopharmaceutical and its chemical / pharmaceutical composition to be used by positron emission tomography (PET) imaging for activated T lymphocytes, including its preparation process, formulation in kit form and uses. In particular, the present invention comprises a radiolabelled protein at room temperature, without the need to use a cyclotron or synthesis module. Recently the availability of the 68Ge / 68Ga generator has allowed the development of a series of new radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging, which can be labeled with gallium-68 (such as 68Ga-DOTANOC / 68Ga-DOTATOC / 68Ga-DOTATATE / 68Ga-PSMA and many others) in structures without cyclotron. The invention includes the formulation of a kit that includes the precursor, to which it is sufficient to add the radioisotope to obtain the above radiopharmaceutical, ready to be used, and the preparation process and use of the radiopharmaceutical in the medical and diagnostic fields.

Possible Applications

  • Clinical field: scintigraphic imaging of T lymphocytes activated for diagnosis and / or planning of the therapeutic approach in autoimmune diseases, atherosclerotic plaques, infections, cancer;
  • Preclinical field: scintigraphic imaging of T lymphocytes activated for basic research, drug discovery, non-invasive follow-up of pathology models.


  • The synthesis of a radiopharmaceutical is allowed at room temperature and without the need for the use of an automated synthesis module;
  • The KIT contains everything you need, low cost;
  • Radiopharmaceutical injected without the need for further purification.