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Drugs of abuseKeratin matrixKit on-site


The invention is a kit that allows the determination of the drugs on keratin matrix with an immunometric device usable in a domestic environment by non specialized personnel. The system is constituted by a solution used for the extraction of the substances of interest from a minimum quantity of material. Results are highly reliable and usable for screening of I° I level.

Technical features

The invention consists in an extracting solution with which the keratin matrix is incubated. The extract obtanied  through a brief heating of the solution allowing the extraction of the substances of interest, is subsequently analyzed  on-site through an immonumetric device for the drugs of abuse for determining the presence or the absence of the substances in the hair. The quantity of necessary material is of around 30 mgs for each kit that can allow the identification of a number of substances that can vary according to the immunometric device. Both for the elevated simplicity of use and for the totalno toxicity of the materials employees, the test can be used from personal not specialized, also maintaining an elevated reliability, and digested in the domestic refusals.

Possible Applications

  • Drugs of abuse monitoring in domestic environment and private laboratories;
  • Drugs of abuse monitoring at health facilities for preliminary screening.


  • Highly reliable;
  • Usable by non-professional users;
  • Very cheap to realize;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Built with non-hazardous material.