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The optimal approach to improve the accuracy of distal screws positioning consists in using a sensorized probe to detect the distal hole position. The present invention proposes: a smart sensorization strategy, and an innovative probe design allowing an accurate detection of the hole position and an easy probe locking/unlocking mechanism.

Technical features

The invention is located in the surgical-orthopaedic field and refers, in particular, to a device capable of identifying with extreme precision a drilling axis for implanting fasteners for endomidollar orthopaedic nails.

The proposed device includes the following elements: electromagnetic localization system; sensorized probe to detect the position of the hole equipped with a release system; an external sensorized guide to guide the drilling; sensor management and navigation software that shows the surgeon the optimal trajectory for drilling.

The invention aims to determine the drilling axis with extreme precision, avoiding incorrect or inaccurate insertion of the distal screws.


Possible Applications

  • Endomedullary nailing.


  • Higher accuracy and reduced fluoroscopy time compared to traditional intervention;
  • Higher robustness, and simplified locking/unlocking mechanism compared to other probe design.