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Intramedullary implant for long bones transverse fractures.  It consists of three basic elements such as screw top, center pivot and lateral wings. The invention allows to solve the problems of the prior art devices, obtaining a prosthesis or intramedullary nail able to firmly fixate the broken bone without invasive interventions and repeated due to an improper positioning of the screws, which could lead to unwanted side effects.

Technical features

The described device consists of three fundamental elements which determine its operation: upper screw, central pin profiled with truncated conical surfaces and profiled side wings with truncated conical surfaces which engage on those present. The upper screw has a double advantage, the first being that of precisely calibrating the clamping force with which the fins lock into the medullary canal. In fact, the torque exerted to screw the screw at the head to the pin is amplified by the truncated-conical coupling through which it is possible to appropriately calibrate the force with which the fins expand inside the intramedullary canal. The second advantage consists in that the threaded coupling described above does not allow the inverse movement, in fact the presence of a thread prevents the longitudinal sliding of the pin unlike other patented solutions.

Possible Applications

  • Orthopedic trauma.


  • High calibration of the clamping force with which the flaps are locked within the medullary canal;
  • The presence of a thread prevents the sliding in the longitudinal direction of the pin;
  • Improving the distribution of stresses within the bone;
  • Improving the stability of the prosthesis within the intramedullary canal.