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Interactive manual toothbrush for preschoolers

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The invention has as its object an innovative brushes ideal for children aged 3 to 5 who approach personal hygiene independently. The product consists of a base for the toothbrush and a manual, interactive toothbrush.

Technical features

The product has the appearance of a monster’s face, communicates via bluetooth with the toothbrush. The distinctive element is the ability to detect the actual washing of the teeth by means of internal sensors and sends the data to the base that follows the washing time with a music and with the movement of the monster’s mouth (which prevents the child from repositioning the brush). If the wash is interrupted a flashing blue light calls the child’s attention; in case the washing was incomplete or did not happen for too long a red light signals it to the child and to the parents. Communication takes place through non-verbal language, with lights, colors and sounds.

Possible Applications

  • Hygienic, dental, or brands that deal with products for early childhood (3 to 5 years).


  • It is innovative both in use and in form;
  • The two components of the product are innovative because they control the actual washing of the child’s teeth and bring it to autonomy;
  • Non-verbal communication is used to entice the user and indicate how to behave and the correct habits.