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Intelligent socket for energy analysis and control

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This invention consists of a socket able to monitor numerous descriptive parameters of the operation of an electric load or several electrical loads and to communicate with a control platform, controlled by the user, able to send commands to the socket and carry out in-depth analysis on the received data as Voltage Quality and Power Quality.

Technical features

The object of the invention is able to acquire in real time the instantaneous voltage and current samples of a load or set of loads connected to the socket, to perform one or more analyzes and to send the processed data to a control platform that, through specific algorithms, carries out further operations so as to identify both the characteristic electrical parameters of operation and complex phenomena inherent to the Power Quality and Voltage Quality, currently performed by oscilloscopes and analyzers. The same socket, then, performs the various tasks given by the control platform in response to user commands. Lastly, the socket can be advantageously configured to connect directly to the control board and / or to the relays of the load or set of loads so as to achieve a more efficient energy control.

Possible Applications

  • Civil electrical installations;
  • Industrial installations;
  • Electric appliance industry;
  • Energy sector;
  • Smart Grid;
  • Diagnostics.


  • Enhaced performance of an electrical load;
  • Energy saving;
  • Remote control;
  • Voltage Quality;
  • Power Quality.