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Integrated gripping system for 3D mobile printing

3D printingIntegrated gripping systemMobile robotic device


The invention consists of a mobile 3D printing robotic device with an integrated gripping system which allows to move along the printed element and to obtain 3D objects of any geometry and size. The mobile printing device is compatible with various nozzles, thus it is possible to use different kind of printing materials.

Technical features

3D printing technologies allow to create 3D objects with several shapes, dimensions and materials. Firsts 3D printing devices were fixed and generally used in a single fixed workstation. Then, 3D printing stations were mounted on robotic arms in order to allow printing larger components. However, the dimension of printing components are always linked to the extension of robotic arm and mobile base.

The invention consists of an integrated system consisting of a mobile 3D printing robotic device consisting of some components (integrated guides) directly printed in the object being printed. The robotic device is therefore able to move on the object itself to be printed by means of the integrated guides. The mobility and flexibility of the system make the technology suitable for printing three-dimensional objects of any shape, size and material (resins, cement mortars, metals).

Possible Applications

  • Buildings;
  • Mechanical, aerospace and industrial components.


  • Flexible system;
  • No constraints in terms of dimensions to be printed;
  • Suitable for any 3D printing materials (resins, mortars, metals);
  • On-site 3D printing;
  • Application in any environment.