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Integrated electric drive with cooling device

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The invention is an integrated electric drive, with a direct cooling device for the power electronics and the electric machine. The invention changes the classical concept of power supply and cooling of the electric machine for total penetration of the power electronics inside the volume of the machine itself.

Technical features

The invention is made up of a multi-function device that allows the power supply, the cooling of the machine and the converter, and the support for power electronics. The invention guarantees a level of integration superior to the solutions currently available on the market. The device has a shape compatible with the stator slot and hosts the power modules. The device is placed inside the slot, is electrically and mechanically connected with a winding of the machine, and has a cooling channel for the cooling fluid. The device allows at the same time the power and cooling of the winding.  Two conductive elements connected to the bus voltage, with a cooling duct, enable the electrical connection of the power modules and the input and output of the refrigerant fluid.

Possible Applications

  • Automotive;
  • Traction;
  • Aeronautics;
  • Wind power generation;
  • High efficiency electric machines;
  • High power density machines;
  • Coaxial machines.


  • High Efficiency;
  • High power density;
  • Simplified construction;
  • Low cost;
  • Low space;
  • Higher electromagnetic capabilities.