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InSTEM: expanding adult or cancer stem cells

Adult Stem Cell CancerImmunoterapia dei tumorimedicina di precisioneprecision medicineRegenerative medicineTumor immunotherapy


The present invention relates to the expansion of adult non-embryonic stem cells, cancer stem cells and/or inhibition of stem cell differentiation by inhibition of the calcineurin/NFAT pathway.

Technical features

The present invention relates to a method for maintaining stem cells in culture in vitro or expanding stem cells in vivo by maintaining them for about one month in a stem cell state and/or preventing their senescence and/or differentiation. The method comprises providing a target stem cell with a molecule capable of chronically inhibiting the interaction of calcineurin (CN) with a substrate containing the PxIxIT motif. Target TRL: 4

Possible Applications

  • Tumor Immuniotherapy;
  • Regenerative Medicine.


  • In tumor immunotherapy, the possibility of killing tumor stem cells;
  • For regenerative medicine, possibility to expand in vitro or in vivo stem cells.