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A device for measuring evaporation and / or transpiration parameters by portions of bare soil or soil covered with vegetation. Global warming is leading to a worsening of seasonal water balance, therefore a rapid and accurate measurement of water consumption rate by grass sub-strata is really essential in order to: quantify the daily or seasonal amount of water loss directly attributable to lawn perspiration and calibrate the irrigation water return according to the aforementioned amount. Furthermore, both spatial and temporal variability of water consumption parameters cause the problems outlined above to become even more complex.

Technical features

The device includes:

  • A main body which extends between an open upper end and an open lower end opposite each other, and defines a gas passage chamber;
  • A closing element able to fit tightly into the open upper end so as to seal the main body at the top during the measurement phase. Such closing element comprises detection tools (transducers) configured for measurement of evaporation and / or transpiration parameters and associated with the same closing element. When the closing element is inserted in the main body upper end, the aforesaid tools are turned towards the main body internal part;
  • Anchoring tools at the bottom that penetrate at partially into the ground, to immobilise the device to the ground during measuring.

Possible Applications

  • Green and seed sector industry;
  • Usable for scientific, experimental, certification, adjustment, or calibration purposes.


  • Advantageous implementation and portability when compared to conventional devices;
  • Low-cost components required by the device;
  • Dimensions and weight such as to allow rapid transport and repositioning in the next measuring point;
  • Measurement rapidity / accuracy both on bare soil and grassy ground.