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Innovative system of vision and assistance to the driver in the railway sector

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The invention refers to the technical sector of on-board equipment assisting the driver in the railway sector, integrating with the vigilante / pedal system for monitoring the health and surveillance status of the isolated worker. The system integrates a HW / SW architecture for computer vision and the detection of critical conditions concerning the conduct of the driver.

Technical features

The proposed system is positioned in the train control cabin and is equipped with a video camera mounted frontally to the driver in order to detect his face even in the presence of postural movements. This equipment implements an algorithm that allows the Night / Day camera to monitor and detect the face and to recognize if the driver’s head is rotated, if the eyes are closed, if and how the face moves. Furthermore, the control system allows generating an alarm signal in the event that the driver is absent, dormant, or in any case disabled to blink.

Possible Applications

  • Companies operating in the railway sector.


  • Passive system of monitoring;
  • Not invasive system of the driver’s critical conditions monitoring;
  • Persistent driver monitoring;
  • The driver has not to conduce any action in order to evaluate its condition;
  • Software adaptable to most operating systems.