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Innovative product for the composting process

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Composting of garden and food waste does not yield a product of sufficient fertilizer value. The University of Udine (Italy) has developed a preparation which can be used to produce a complete organic fertilizer using kitchen and garden waste. This preparation also solves most of the common problems of composting. Non-toxic and not harmful for the environment.

Technical features

The composition is a mix of organic and inorganic compounds, non toxic and eco-compatible. It consists in a dry powder, stable over time and easy to store and its use is also practical because it requires a simple aspersion of product on organic waste every time it is added to the composting bin. Its addition not only allows a better and troubleless composting of organic household and garden waste, but results in the production of a product far superior to compost. Although undoubtedly beneficial to soil, compost is inevitably low in essential nutrients and is not legally considered an organic fertilizer, but an ammendant.

Possible Applications

  • Organic waste management;
  • Industrial compost production;
  • Domestic and collective compost production.


  • Multifunctional composition;
  • Better organic waste manage;
  • Compost enriched with fertilizer value;
  • Cost effective;
  • Non toxic and not harmful for the environment;
  • It prevents bad smells and proliferation of insect.