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Innovative functionalization of liquid phase sensors for the detection of bioactive lipids

Bioactive lipids detectionCyclic voltammetryElectrochemical analysis


Innovative screen-printed electrode (SPE) functionalization procedure for the detection of bioactive lipids through cyclic voltammetry analysis. The solution aims to provide both means and method to detect with accuracy several bioactive lipds in biological samples, in both contaminant-free solutions and mixed samples.

Technical features

A method for characterising the concentration of lipids in biological systems. The patent includes a process for the preparation of functionalized electrodes for the identification of lipid specification by means of electrochemical analysis techniques, via methodical cyclic voltammetry based on the application of a triangular shape potential. The apparatus has been tested on bioactive lipids belonging to the endocannabinoid family. The preparation of functionalized electrodes takes place by preparing a mixture comprising a gelling substance and a lipid-binding protein. This mixture is then deposited on the surface of a working electrode and gelled. The sensitivity of the device experimentally calculated on calibration solutions is about 10 nM per litre. The current technological maturity provides for a TRL equal to 4. The tool does not intend to replace current technologies, but is integrated with them to obtain a more performing analysis.

Possible Applications

  • Pharmaceutical sector;
  • Quantification of bioactive lipids in biological samples such as blood, saliva, urine etc.;
  • Clinical/Diagnostic for drug detection.


  • Low cost production, compared to current technologies whose instruments have cost close 100k €;
  • Unlike current technologies that require specialised personnel, the technology does not require an advanced know-how;
  • High system resolution;
  • Reduction the time  of analysis and costs with respect to standard instrumentation.