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Inflammation diagnosis kit from mastitis in dairy animals

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The proposed invention consists of a test that allows early identification of the altered function of the breast in animal subjects suffering from mastitis inflammation, analyzing samples of milk taken from cattle with high livestock production.

Technical features

The test is based on an immunological approach and a cytofluorimetric method for the detection and quantification in milk samples of a molecule produced following the activation of a cellular enzyme present in milk somatic cells. The early identification of the altered function of the breast allows immediate intervention, reducing the therapies and the use of antibiotics, thus making the therapies more effective. In addition to this, the level of animal welfare, quality and quantity of milk is improved thanks to the improved level breast health. Currently the diagnosis is based on a bacteriological analysis and on the somatic cell count in milk. Method for a rapid and simultaneous counting employed on an industrial scale (large milk plants) which involves the use of a sophisticated machine of non-practical field use, with high costs.

Possible Applications

  • Early identification of an altered udder function;
  • Presence of an inflammation status;
  • Preventive analysis of the health of dairy animals;
  • Quality control in milk production.


  • Improved animal welfare;
  • Improved quality and quantity of milk production due to improved udder health;
  • Reduction of the need for antibiotic therapies on animals.