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Infill wall including an energy storage system

Acoustic insulationAntiseismicEnergy storageInfill wallthermal insulation


Building infill wall which combines ordinary functions with the energy storage capacity.
The system is made of prefabriacted blocks or pannels, manufactured in various shapes and sizes, which are equipped inside with energy storage elements. It has antiseismic features and thermal and acustic insulation properties.

Technical features

The invention consists on an elementary module for building infill wall including inside a thin film capacitor. The supporting structure of the module is made of cold-formed thin steel profiles which are mechanically connected, or alternatively glued, to the module coating. The coating, in turn, is composed by six panels made of a non-metallic material with tensile strenght (wooden for example) so as to obtain a closed box for the capacitor housing.
The idea was developed taking into account the following fundamental aspects:
– the lightness, to contain seismic masses;
– the low thermal transmittance, to meet the requirements of energetic efficiency;
– the ease of transportation and installation, to ensure the constructive feasibility.


Possible Applications

  • Wherever a buiding infill wall has to be realized.


  • Antiseismic solution;
  • Energy storage without additional volums;
  • Modularity