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Improved orthopaedic device

conjugated surfaceskneeprosthesesrollingspherical motion


The invention refers to some solutions for internal knee prosthesis which monitor the relative movement of the femur and tibia in a strictly and therefore very faithful way in respect to the natural movement. This might not be achievable by the majority of implants currently present on the market, being based on the execution of the movement by residual anatomical structures.

Technical features

Surfaces said “articular” are in contact in joints. The relative motion (RM) between them is defined by a RM of rolling and by a RM of sliding between the joint surfaces. The RM is guaranteed by joint structures such as ligaments, muscles and cartilaginous structures that maintain the relative position between the joint surfaces. The articular surfaces can degenerate as a consequence of various pathologies, thus their functionality shall be replaced by using internal prosthesis.

The operating principles of the proposed solutions allow for both a simple design and the use of more affordable materials, comparing to the conventional prosthesis.

Possible Applications

  • Medical device;
  • Internal prostheses of knee.


  • Simple design;
  • Greater ease of, and lower costs of production;