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Improved helmet



The invention consists in a full face helmet with lateral shock absorption area using honeycomb material, maximizing the protection of the pilot in the event of a frontal impact.

Technical features

Thanks to the introduction on the sides of the helmet of honeycomb material (honeycomb), particularly suitable for the absorption of impact energy, the product thus obtained guarantees the maximization of protection in the event of a frontal impact, significantly increasing the absorption energy and at the same time decreasing the forces transmitted during the impact. The material is introduced in the form of side inserts that complete the helmet structure: chin guard, inserts and rear cap instead make up the outer shell. The proposed solution (added honeycomb inserts in the helmet structure) is also suitable for helmets with a modular structure, in which the chin guard is movable with respect to the rear cap. To adapt to this type of device honeycomb inserts are fixed on the back of the shell. In all cases of application, the introduction of honeycomb material does not produce a significant increase in masses and does not reduce the wearability of the helmet.

Possible Applications

  • Safety and reduction of traumas for motorcyclists;
  • Helmets with modular structure;
  • Full face helmets;
  • The main geographical areas can be identified with the European continent and EFTA countries, North America (United States of America and Canada) and Japan.


  • Significantly increase energy absorption in frontal impacts;
  • Reduction of accelerations and forces transmitted during impact;
  • The structure of the honeycomb material is light and adaptable to the shapes of the motorcycle helmet;
  • Content increase in masses;
  • Maintenance of the wearability characteristics.