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Immobilized proteases on polymeric matrices for biomass degradation

BiomassesESTECHImmobilized enzymesPolymeric matricesProteasesProtein hydrolyzates


The invention consists of polymeric matrices for the immobilization of enzymes able to catalyze the degradation of the protein component in waste biomasses derived from agri-food industries. The aim is to recover waste biomasses by producing protein hydrolyzates through enzymatic hydrolysis, which can be employed in several applications. i.e. as nutritional supplements in animal feed industries.

Technical features

The invention consists in the preparation of bi- and three-dimensional formulations of polymeric matrices where proteolytic enzymes are covalently immobilized, with the aim being to recycle waste biomasses of different origins. The thus-obtained protein hydrolyzates can be employed as nutritional supplements, highly digestible and hypoallergenic, able to guarantee a good amino acidic supply. An efficient protease immobilization was achieved through a procedure based on functionalization and activation steps to make it possible for the enzymatic molecules to covalently bind to the support. By doing so, proteases can be used for several operative cycles, maintaining a high enzymatic activity. The use of polymeric matrices allows the support geometry to be customized based on the specific application for which they are intended. A flow bioreactor was indeed developed by using a three-dimensional formulation of the polymer, for the continuous degradation of waste biomasses.

Possible Applications

  • Waste biomass protein component recovery;
  • Production of protein hydrolysates as food supplements;
  • Production of protein hydrolysates as biostimulants;
  • Production of protein hydrolysates as fertilizers.


  • Enzyme usable for several operative cycles;
  • System stable over time;
  • Low environmental impact;
  • Possibility of customizing matrices with different shape and geometry.