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Image labeling system

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The present invention describes an automated generation of visual data (image labelling) system, for training and / or the reconfiguration of vision systems for the recognising image sets. This reduces the necessity and the need for human intervention in correcting the procedure, whilst keeping the costs downs.

Technical features

The system is conceived for the automated generation of Labeled Data for training Data-Driven Vision systems, such as Neural Networks. Thanks to the  patented technology it is possible to automatically generate a pool of visual data (e.g. labelled images) enough to allow to train and/or reconfigure a vision system, for the recognition of a set of objects of interest. The plurality of captured images together with the labelling data associated, form a dataset to be employed in training procedures. 

In contrast with the conventional systems, once the operational setup is modified, for example the objects of interest, system positioning, or the lights configuration, etc., there is no need for manual reconfiguration.

The device thus consists of an automatic machine with multiple degrees of freedom (e.g. an anthropomorphic robot) and a display, such as a simple LCD or E-INK monitor, capable of presenting information in visual form.

Possible Applications

  • Industry and manufacturing​;
  • Augmented Reality.


  • Lowering costs;
  • Reducing human involvement throughout the labelling process.