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The invention refers to a method for generating 2D barcodes, or generic tags, containing information encrypted and not decipherable except by those who generated them, which have a good visual impact integrated into the context, as opposed to current barcodes. The system allows the user to “hide” information within the images and read the generated tags even in conditions of light changes and occlusions.

Technical features

The proposed system uses Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks (DCGAN) to generate images, in black/white or color (with a style similar to an input image or randomly), that are apparently meaningless, but if read with a special device they reveal a hidden code. The method implements a public key encryption system in which the part capable of generating images is considered as a Public Key and the part capable of interpreting images is considered as a Private Key.

Possible Applications

  • Simplicity of implementation as hardware;
  • Readability of tags even in non-ideal conditions;
  • Robustness of the decoder, trained with distortions;
  • Lower aesthetic impact on products and their packaging;
  • Unique and non-repeatable bar codes


In industry,  manufacturing and tertiary sectors, for:

  • Replacement of QR Codes;
  • Augmented Reality;
  • Robotic Manipulation;
  • Watermarking with product logos.