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Image and video playback system on smartphone screens at public events

Distributed device controlInformatica Tsd Enremote controlscreenVisual pattern reproduction


The invention consists in a system for distributed control of smartphone devices: distributed in a physical space to reproduce visual and video schemes in public events.

Technical features

The use of systems to generate choreographies, graphic motifs, images and simple videos is common practice during public events. However, these activities require both the use of specific devices such as wands or luminous bracelets, and previous localization and synchronization mechanisms that bind the devices and consequently the individual participants to predetermined positions. The proposed system represents a more flexible solution as it directly exploits the screens of the participants’ smartphones to generate the aforementioned choreographies, and adapts itself to their movements during the event, not requiring their position nor their arrangement in the area. After recording and locating each device by means of a camera framing the event (such as a square) and a synchronization protocol between the individual devices and a management server, the system allows reproduction of color graphics, including dynamic, on a virtual composite screen using the light of smartphones in highly variable contexts.

Possible Applications

  • Visual and digital pattern display in outdoor or indoor events;
  • Can be used for sport events, music concerts, various happenings;
  • Positioning of specific attendees;
  • Friend location in the area during event.


  • Independent of row-column arrangement of devices;
  • Position location of a specific attendee in the area;
  • Localization of friends in the area during the show.