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This patented kit can rapidly diagnose Ulcerative Rectocolitis at an early stage, and distinguish it from Crohn’s disease. This differentiation between the two inflammatory bowl diseases (IBD) is extremely important so that proper treatment is prescribed to patients, without causing unnecessary damage and treatment costs.

Technical features

Inflammatory bowl diseases (IBD) include Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Currently, in order to distinguish them, diagnosis is based on laboratory, clinical, radiographic, endoscopic and histological examination. Unfortunately in 10-15% of patients that carry out a biopsy, the differentiation is not always clear, due to similar histological characteristics where the inflammation is located. The lack of specific and reliable markers able to distinguish between the two means that currently a globally recognized test method for the differentiated diagnosis of the two diseases does not exist. This often delays the administration of an effective therapy, thus increasing costs and decreasing patient welfare. This patented diagnostic kit on the other hand can identify Ulcerative Rectocolitis with a specific marker that distinguishes it from other inflammatory bowl diseases.

Possible Applications

  • Diagnosis of Ulcerative rectocolitis that gives a precise distinction from Crohn’s disease or other IBDs, starting from an inflamed intestinal tissue biopsy.


  • Early stage diagnosis of Ulcerative Rectocolitis and precise differentiation form other inflammatory bowl diseases (IBD).
  • Reduces time and cost for treatment of IBDs.