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Process based on Blockchain technology, for identifying and tracking goods, to define and store information during the life cycle of a good equipped with an identifying mark (NFC_QR-Code). The invention also relates to an ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) system comprising Software and solutions Hardware, computers and both mobile and fixed devices, programs and algorithms, designed to carry out the steps of the procedure.

Technical features

The process of identifying and tracking goods based on blockchain technology, to define and store information during the life cycle of a good equipped with an identifying mark (NFC_QR-Code) comprising the following steps: associate the NFC_QR-Code with an identification code (IC) registered through a private chain of blocks (AB) containing transactions; associate the NFC_QR-Code with a first purchaser as the official owner of the property (CLIENT), registered through a public chain of blocks (C-D) containing transactions; connect the IC and the CLIENT with a manager (ADMIN) and with at least one of a plurality of brand administrators (ADMIN BRAND), through a federated block chain (EF) interfaced both with the public block chain (CD) containing transactions, both with the private block chain (AB) containing transactions. The system described allows a secure verification of the asset even in different brands or through simple apps, always guaranteeing its authenticity.

Possible Applications

  • Services or corporate identity,
  • Recognition systems;
  • Encryption;
  • Entity authentication.


  • Solution based on a federation of Blockchain to manage all the products / goods of a brand, so as to be able to abstract the real producer of the good / product to the user level;
  • It provides a federated system between brands and distributors to detect counterfeit or stolen goods;
  • System capable of carrying out technological mechanisms for digital product identification.