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HYPNOSIS: Rapid manufacture of molds for customized architectural elements

Customized architectural elementsTechniques robotic cutThermoforming


Hypnosis, based on a technology for customized architectural elements, is the bridge between the world of designers – who want to create increasingly complex shapes – and companies – which need to adopt competitive processes to adapt to the different needs of designers.

Technical features

HYPNOSIS is based on a production process that combines the robotic cut of polystyrene through hot tools with thermoforming techniques, allowing the creation of moulds for the production of architectural elements with complex geometries at advantageous costs compared to traditional methods. In particular, the patented methodology involves the hot wire-blade-hook processing of extruded polystyrene, to which a plastic coating is applied by thermoforming sheets, which stiffen the element and give the mechanical and aesthetic properties for subsequent casting of fluids of the latest generation. Smooth plastic can give a mirror finishing feature to the surfaces of the elements, and depend on the type of plastic film loose on the material, it is possible to get embossed embossing or pattern patterns at the bottom of the mould, extending considerably the expressive possibilities of the element.

Possible Applications

  • Smart Manufacturing;
  • Architecture and design.


  • Creation of customized surfaces;
  • Easily and fast production;
  • Low cost process.