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Hydrophilic polymer surface and process for its production

Anti-foggingAnti-light scatteringPlasma treatmentPolymer surfacesSuperhydrophilic surfaces


Considering the promising properties of superhydrophilic polymer surfaces and the possibilities that plasma treatments seem to offer, it is the object of the present invention to propose hydrophilic polymer surfaces with optimised anti-fogging properties as an alternative to the already existing polymers with superhydrophilic surfaces. Further object is that of providing hydrophilic polymer surfaces that also have anti-light scattering properties, especially in the field of optical elements.

Technical features

The present invention concerns a hydrophilic polymer surface preferably having a contact angle smaller than 20°. The surface comprises gold. The invention also concerns a process for the production of such a surface, comprising the following steps: a) preparation of a polymer surface; b) preferably cleaning of the polymer surface; and c) plasma treatment of the preferably cleaned surface with a sputtering process using a gold cathode. The description concerns also the use of the  process to give anti-fogging and anti-light scattering properties to optical elements and items comprising said hydrophilic polymer surface. These properties make the proposed hydrophilic polymer surface a best choice for applications in  protective equipment, eyeglasses, lenses of  cameras, microfluidics and in all sectors where  the interactions of a polymer surface  with water is  a crucial problem.

Possible Applications

  • Production of personal protection equipment (i.e. eye protection equipment);
  •  Production of optical elements (i.e. lenses) ensuring good visibility.


  • Anti-fogging properties;
  • Anti-light scattering properties;
  • The characteristics of high transmittance of the polymer are not affected.