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Hydrogeological risk assessment

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The invention concerns a device arranged for the analysis, simulation and prediction of slope instability due to a rainfall infiltration and consequent variation of the pore water pressure in the subsoil. It is complementary to any pre-established monitoring system, because it is able to interface with the sensors and the instruments necessary to detect the ground state and the rainfall data.

Technical features

The device is able to process, independently and in real time the stress-strain behaviour of the ground based on rainfall data collected by raingauge, humidity and water content in the subsoil. Based on the data received from the sensors in real time, the system mathematically solves the governing equations, such as rain infiltration, underground runoff, slope stability and processes the results in order to identify possible conditions triggering landslide. Thanks to the use of a stochastic rain forecasting model, already implemented, it is possible to provide a probabilistic analysis of the evolution in the future.

Possible Applications

  • Performing scientific studies;
  • Monitoring a vulnerable area;
  • Enhancing early warning systems.


  • Ex-post, real time e forecasting analysis;
  • It solves numerically the complex relationships underlying the physical phenomena under analysis;
  • It is arranged to integrate and interface with monitoring accessory tools, preferably in real time, or to connect to preferably constantly updated databases.