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Hybrid walkable solar tile

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Hybrid Walkable Solar Tile (HWST) is a new hybrid solar tile concept coated by two types of resin, specifically designed to take most of surfaces both from the functional and energetic point of view, especially where surfaces are lacking.

Technical features

A new concept of bi-resin hybrid solar tile (HWST) is specifically designed to be used in environments where constraints related to the available surfaces are numerous and sometimes are not entirely overcome by the solutions available on the market, while the energy needs are twofold (thermal and electrical). A dedicated mold provides tailored channels to create  lower and upper shells with a sealing system. It is also comprised of special systems for detaching the hybrid tile after laying. Moreover, two of the four side walls within which the tile is to be laid are removable in order to guarantee perfect modularity during production. In  comparison to conventional self-locking tiles, the HWST neither require any additional skill for laying, nor its thickness differs.

Possible Applications

  • Boating;
  • Campervans;
  • Industrial floors;
  • Terraces and plain roofs.


  • Maximizes energy production;
  • Eliminates all the functional and technical constraints;
  • Facilitates laying, cleaning and maintenance of the tiles;
  • When laid on the ground, allows handy transformation of existing flooring.