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HU-MOVE is a non-invasive wearable device developed with latest advanced technologies with a robust data mining and supported by a professional clinical service (outcome: certified medical report)  to seriously approach sexual diseases.

Technical features

The system allows a professional service or just to receive objective and reputable indications to evaluate and improve sexual life. The common methods (stopwatches, counters) use  invasive devices for the patient  privacy and spontaneity, improving the distress through intercourse. Our comfortable wearable device can, instead, monitor the sexual performance without interferences. The device can be collected from specialized centers (e.g., pharmacies, clinics) or directly get it from the online platform.The invention may be used several times and the patient can monitor the performances on the dedicated mobile app and upload your data into a dedicated online repository, obtaining the clinical report through the online platform (with a private anonymized account) or directly from affiliate experts for a customized diagnosis and therapy, providing an increased protection of privacy and psyche of the patient.

Possible Applications

  • Sexual performance objective analysis;
  • Human specific movements evaluation.


  • First objective system to monitor sexual performances;
  • Blue sea: few devices just for «gaming» far from clinical use;
  • High number of potential users;
  • Usability and low invasiveness.