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HPLC fluidic Device for complex matrix analysis

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Fluidic device that allows high sample volume injection in HPLC systems facilitating the analysis of extracted compounds from complex matrix and provides an automated purification step that reduces sensitivity problems and improves instrument cleanliness for high sample number analysis.

Technical features

The invention is related to an innovative HPLC fluidic device designed by the research group that includes an automated sample purification step which improves analysis efficiency. Alternative techniques require multiple manipulation steps that are operator dependent and error prone. The presented device also allows injections of large sample volumes, useful feature when sensitivity is critical. A LC-MS/MS method based on this fluidic system has been validated in the laboratory and is currently used for therapeutic drug monitoring (Imatinib and Norimatinib) of cancer patients. Miniaturization and automation are required for commercial use.

Possible Applications

  • Therapeutic drug monitoring and forensic medicine;
  • Environmental analysis e.g. pollutants in air, water, soil;
  • Food quality evaluation.


  • Injection of plasma and Dried Blood Spot extracted samples;
  • Injections of large volumes when sensitivity is critical;
  • Reduction of analysis time;
  • Clean process for large scale running.