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Experiential TrainingInformatica Tsd EnSelf Training and Self Assessment


Holo-BLSD is a Mixed Reality based self-training and self-assessment tool for emergency first responder procedures in case of cardiac arrest. The system provides an experiential learning approach by integrating a cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikin with a virtual reproduction of the emergency scenario.

Technical features

Holo-BLSD is a software tool for training lay and professional personnel in Basic Life Support and Defibrillation (BLSD) procedures, i.e., the sequence of operations required to recognize a patient in cardiac arrest and manage emergency first aid procedures. Holo-BLSD is a self-training and self-assessment software tool that is offered as an alternative to standard instructor-led courses. Training content is delivered through a Mixed Reality application that integrates real content and virtual elements and includes a CPR manikin for experiential training. Holo-BLSD allows adapting the procedure to be taught to different categories of learners and various emergency scenarios, helping learners monitor and evaluate their training progress automatically.

Possible Applications

  • Medical training;
  • Training of operators responsible for safety in the industrial and sports fields.


  • Adaptation of the procedure to different learner types and different simulated scenarios;
  • Support experiential learning using a CPR manikin;
  • Support monitoring of training progress and self-evaluation;
  • Reduced training costs (no instructor required).