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HMDrive: method and system for driving assistance of a vehicle

Augmented RealityAutomotive ARImage processingPose estimationSustainable mobility


An innovative system that projects vehicle information and elements of augmented reality (AR) to improve the driving experience. Thanks to a wearable Head Mounted Display (HMD), the information contents will be usable without taking your eyes off the road.

Technical features

The innovation consists of a kit with components to be assembled in the cockpit: a HMD for AR with computational capability connected with a Digital Processing Unit (DPU) to collect GPS data, and dedicated software. The algorithm transforms GPS data into information that can be projected in AR on the HMD. Many informative contents, including fuel level or speed, will no longer be displayed in the traditional dashboard or in other environments that can divert the driver’s attention from the road, such as the most modern windshield solution. These will be delivered via an wearable HMD. The invention differs from current technologies on the market, such as infotainment displays and digital dashboards, where the driver has to look away from the road environment to view important information. The use of holographic glasses allows the drive not to take eyes off the road by projecting the same information, as well as showing information that is not visible in any way on cars on circuits.

Possible Applications

  • Professional Off-road, On-road, and two-wheel vehicles;
  • Transparency effect;
  • Highlighting effect in low visibility context (Lidar integration);
  • Virtual visual contents fixed on the external ambient (e.g. the braking points);
  • Virtual dashboards fixed on the cockpit.


  • Immersive AR experience;
  • User-friendly technology;
  • Driving care;
  • Safety improvement;
  • Accidents reduction;
  • Productivity improvement.