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High sensitivity sensitive platform

Chemical-biological sensoristicsMicrofluidicsNanostructuresNanotechnologyRaman spectroscopy


The present invention is placed in the field of chemical and biological sensors with Raman spectroscopy amplified by surface effects (SERS) use. The invention provides for the use of porous silicon membranes decorated with silver or gold nanoparticles integrated into a polymer-based multi-chamber microfluidic chip. The system can be used both with laboratory instruments and portable instruments, adapting to Point of Care approaches.

Technical features

Raman spectroscopy, which is based on molecular vibrations, is significantly emerging thanks to its “label-free” detection feature of biological species. The surface amplified Raman effect (SERS) makes this technique sensitive to extremely small concentrations of analytes, allowing a dynamic range of concentrations of several orders of magnitude. In the present invention, nanotechnological processes are applied for the fabrication of sensor platforms that house microfluidic chambers in which metallic nanoparticles immobilized on a dielectric substrate allow a Raman analysis with a control on the injection of the analyte of interest and its physical confinement during analysis. These characteristics benefit the reliability, repeatability and high sensitivity of the measures that can be performed.

Possible Applications

  • Broad-spectrum chemical analyzes in case the analytes of interest are in liquid phase or dispersed in solutions;
  • Biological analysis in both genomic and proteomic fields;
  • Multiplexed analysis for early tumor diagnosis.


  • High measurement sensitivity thanks to the SERS effect;
  • Control of the injection of the analyte and its physical confinement during the analysis phase;
  • Easy to use even on portable measuring devices;
  • Low manufacturing cost.