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HEP: High Energy/High Power storage device

Advanced functional materialsBifunctional cathodeCTENETXEnergy storageMultidimensional deviceSelf-tunable kinetics device


The invention is a hybrid device able of self-switching from a high energy system to a high power one. It is composed by an electrochemical cell (e.g. Li-S, Na-S or metal-O2), directly connected to a supercapacitor. Both anodes are connected together while the cathode is a common one. Following the energy or power request, current flows either in the battery or in the supercapacitor.

Technical features

The device from the present invention is based on the innovative concept of combining in the system an electrochemical cell and a supercapacitor to simultaneously obtain the possibility to store and deliver both high energy and high density. Both the electrochemical cell and the supercapacitor have their own anode and their own electrolyte, they are connected in series and share the same common cathode. The electrochemical cell anode and the supercapacitor one are directly connected. The electrochemical device following the invention is able to store and deliver more than 500 Wh/kg energy and more than 1000 W/kg power, flowing automatically the current in the electrochemical cell or in the supercapacitor based on the energetic request.

Possible Applications

  • Automotive;
  • Renewable Energies;
  • Power Electronics;
  • Consumable Electronics;
  • Large industrial scale power and energy management;
  • Sustainable energy.


  • Store and produce high energy and high power in the same device;
  • Versatile and improvable invention (can work with diferent metals);
  • Can work for at least 15 years;
  • Materials and components easy to produce and scale-up.