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Heart surgery simulator

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This training tool for cardiologist surgeons offers 3D models in sutureable and interchangeable elastic resin to simulate the surgical correction of congenital heart disease by replicating the different surgical accesses. The invention consists of a rigid modular structure internally illuminated by two sets of lamps. The upper part  of the simulator (“cover”) is moulded from elastic resin.  Suturable elastic resin 3D-printed models of congenital heart disease derived from images of real patients can be inserted inside this structure.

Technical features

It consists of 4 interchangeable elements that allow surgical correction of congenital heart disease to be simulated by replicating the different surgical accesses used in paediatric cardiac surgery: median sternotomy, superior or inferior ministernotomy, right lateral mini-thoracotomy, and left lateral mini-thoracotomy.  The classic sternotomy approach can also be simulated by removing the covers . There are small incisions on the covers (all around the circumference) that serve as a support for the suture wires during simulation manoeuvres, so that no other elements for their support are needed. TRL 6. A prototype has been developed.

Possible Applications

  • Cardiac surgical simulator for academic institutions;
  • Training tool for cardiac surgeons, including paediatric ones.


  • Reproduces all surgical accesses and all types of surgical correction used in cardiac surgery;
  • Excellent visualisation of anatomical structures placed inside thanks to internal lighting;
  • Replicates the surgical and patient rotation position of a real operating room;
  • Library of congenital heart diseases reproduced from real patients;
  • Manoeuvrable and transportable;
  • Reduced maintenance costs;
  • Reduced production costs.