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Hardware and software to improve the safety of motor racing

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Hardware and software for determining the ideal position of safety barriers, escape routes as well as the materials used (asphalt, gravel, grass) on roads or circuits for competitions with road vehicles (cars or motorbikes), starting with the geometry of the track and the characteristics of the competition vehicles considered.

Technical features

The evaluation of circuit safety is often carried out mainly on the basis of the expert’s subjective opinions. This patented methodology (hardware and software) is able to objectively determine the positioning of safety barriers on motorsport circuits based on the geometry of the track and the characteristics of the racing vehicles.  Not only the issue of barrier and escape route positioning , but also the problem of the asphalt and gravel distribution in the escape routes is then solved , according to the type of vehicle and its characteristics (mass, centre of gravity position, wheelbase, engine power, tyre-road friction, resistance coefficient, air density, etc.). The application of the methodology is intended to bring increased safety to the motorsport tracks.

Possible Applications

  • Analysis and design of safety in motor racing circuits;
  • Evaluation of modifications to sections of existing circuits;
  • Determination of the ideal position of barriers, escape routes and distribution of asphalt, gravel/grass on circuits being designed.


  • Improved safety of motorsport tracks;
  • Safety design based on objective parameters;
  • Accuracy of design;
  • Enhanced barrier and escape route organisation.