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The invention refers to gloves with integrated textile sensors designed to measure both hand strength and wrist posture with minimal impact on freedom of movement. Compared to the few existing bulky expensive devices, the system doesn’t hinder hand movements and is low cost and therefore potentially disposable. Beyond occupational and rehabilitation medicine, application fields include VR/AR.


Technical features

The device is equipped with two types of sensors allowing to measure the force exerted by the hand and the posture of the wrist. Connected to an electronic module that records and transmits signals, the glove measures the force developed during prehensile movements of the hand and rotator movements of the wrist. It is thus possible to compare the measured values with the effective ability to develop manual force in the different hand positions. The patented system could be deployed on a large scale. It can be adopted in whatever setting including underwater, if appropriate waterproof protection is used. For instance, it could be worn under work gloves by workers using their hands during their daily activities. It overcomes the limitations of existing solutions since it enables an early diagnosis of possible complications caused by incorrect work cycles imposed on workers.

Possible Applications

  • In occupational medicine to monitor gripping and twisting movements during a given work cycle;
  • In rehabilitation medicine to monitor hand movements during rehabilitation exercises;
  • In non-medical applications such as sport, as a tool for virtual or augmented reality systems.


  • Extremely thin and wearable system;
  • potentially disposable;
  • Strength and posture measured simultaneously;
  • Any type of fiber is suitable.