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Ground based synthetic aperture radar (GBAR)

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The invention consists of a ground-based synthetic aperture radar capable of acquiring both three-dimensional and two-dimensional images. With the use of a third antenna placed on a vertical track the radar is able to acquire three-dimensional images simultaneously with the horizontal track that allows an interferometric monitoring.

Technical features

The patented radar is able to quickly acquire azimuth images without resolution in elevation (2D) and slower images with resolution both in azimuth and in elevation (3D). Unlike previous technologies, the patented solution can therefore be used for various monitoring and remote sensing operations using the same configuration. The invention makes it possible to carry out interferometric measurements (monitoring) and 3D models of the scenarios under investigation at the same time. This radar can be used in complex scenarios such as tunnels or very steep slopes.

Possible Applications

  • Remote sensing of targets;
  • Monitoring of landslides and other geological events;
  • Monitoring of caves and open pits;
  • Monitoring of tunnels and other constructions.


  • Rapid movements 3D imaging;
  • Fastening of 3D sensing.