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Gripping system between communicating vessels

Circular screw systemCommunicating vesselsGripping systemMeasurement kit


The invention deals with a novel gripping and fixing system between two communicating vessels. This circular screw system has been applied for the realization of a laboratory kit for the measurement of the solute diffusion through polymeric membranes. The systems is very simple, versatile and robust.

Technical features

The invention consists of a circular screwdriving and fixing system applied to a kit for measuring the diffusion of solutes through polymeric and non-membrane membranes. This system does not cause tensions or the glass parts of the connectors between the two receptacles or the polymer membrane, blocking the latter at its seat and avoiding any problems of liquid percolation. The system is versatile because it allows to bond with very effective membranes of even very different thicknesses. The invention is low cost, easy to implement and can be implemented very quickly at an industrial level. The proposed system can be distributed as a low-cost kit for measuring the permeability of solutes by allowing standardization of measurements.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial field;
  • Lab test;
  • Measurement of permeability of solutes through membranes;
  • Filtration.


  • Low cost;
  • Durable and easy-to-use components;
  • Easy membrane lock in the seat;
  • Versatility in the thicknesses of the membranes to be tested;
  • It does not cause tensions on glass parts.