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Gripping device for gripping objects

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Device for grasping and pushing an object in deformable material consisting of two sealing lips, which alternately create a depression or a pressure, and a end of stroke surface.
It works as a common suction cup but also as an active component of an inflatable gripper that blocks the object against a surface. This device simplifies traditional gripping technologies and consequently the optimization of the working processes by operating on the reduction of the cycle time in parallel with the reduction of the gripper construction cost.

Technical features

The invention consists of a gripper (gripping head with single working chamber, sealing means suitable to ensure the sealing of the working chamber against the piece to be grasped, end of stroke surface) with a single pneumatic circuit designed to generate in the working chamber alternately a depression condition – pulling force on the piece to be grasped:

  1. The device is placed next to a piece to be handled / worked;
  2. Air is sucked by reducing the pressure: the device adheres to the piece to be grasped and lifts it a condition of pressure – pushing force against an end of stroke surface for clamping the piece;
  3. One or more end of stroke surfaces are positioned;
  4. Air is insuffled pushing the object against the end of stroke surface that block its movement in position

Traditional grippers uses multiple devices to lock the piece to be handled and work. These devices are specialized for a single operation: gripping devices (suction cups, pneumatic grippers, etc.), locking devices (pneumatic or electric grippers, air cushions, etc.) and centering devices. The new device allows to concentrate the three typologies in a single simplified device allowing simplification, reduction of costs and increase of the flexibility of use of the grippers.

Possible Applications

  • Automotive industry;
  • Aerospace industry;
  • All industrial sectors where repetitive movements of objects are required.


  • Simple construction process;
  • Low construction costs and times;
  • Fews or no criticality;
  • Adapted to different cases of manipulation in manufacturing and process;
  • Dual functionality of use;
  • It simplifies the realization of currently complex grippers reducing their costs and increasing flexibility.