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Graphene-based material for the generation of hydrogen and heat

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The present invention relates to a graphene-based composite material and its use for the generation of hydrogen and heat in aqueous environment. Hydrogen is one of the main candidates to substitute traditional fuels for its energy and environment-friendly properties thereof. While the storage of hydrogen still presents critical issues, the production of hydrogen in situ at the same time of use can be realized by reacting water with a metal. The hydrogen generation can easily achieved by reacting water with magnesium/graphene nanopowders.

Technical features

The invention comprises a graphene-based composite material, in which the graphene has the surface covered by a metal film. Such a composite material is capable of generating hydrogen and heat in situ from safe and widely available sources, such as water. Such a composite material generates hydrogen and heat in room temperature water and without the use of potentially toxic and/or hazardous chemical catalysts. Furthermore, the present invention relates to the process of producing such a composite material which requires low energy consumption and a high level of cleaning. The proposed innovation allows to overcome the critical issues connected with the storage of hydrogen on devices operating with fuel cells.

Possible Applications

  • Hydrogen generation as fuel for small devices that operate with fuel cells;
  • Supply of hydrogen to devices where there is not hydrogen distribution like remote areas or emergency zones;
  • Small hydrogen productions for laboratories.


  • Reduction of environmental damage caused by fossil fuel combustion products;
  • Removal of the need for hydrogen storage systems as hydrogen is generated on demand by water;
  • Environmentally friendly process for the production of the proposed composite material.