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Graphene-based drug delivery device for mucosal and transmucosal administration

Drug Delivery SystemGrafeneGraphenemicroprocessore indossabiletransmucosal drug deliverywearable microprocessor


Removable bio-device for targeted mucosal and transmucosal administration and / or for the controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients for therapeutic applications for which the administration of drugs on demand is necessary. This is composed of a system of biosensors that can allow the extraction of monitoring systems of the body fluids of the mucosa and submucosa for the identification of the biological characteristics related to numerous diseases that allows the administration of drugs from multiple reservoirs.

Technical features

The invention exploits the electrical conducting properties of graphene and its great potential as a drug and electron carrier to create programmable release. These properties provide a tunable miniaturized delivery system capable of finely regulating the amount, timing and rate of release. The role of graphene as a drug carrier in delivery systems has been extensively explored in the past: the present delivery device is capable of controlled drug maintenance and release for extended periods of time, as well as immediate release for an extended period of time. rapid action of drugs at different doses, as needed. Thanks to the electric currents generated by the microprocessor they can break the ionic bonds of the graphene compound conjugated to the drug, releasing the drug and expelling it from the reservoir, with immediate release or zero order, improving the pharmacokinetics of drug release in the mucosa. TRL level: 4.

Possible Applications

The device may be used for the therapeutic treatment of:

  • Gastrointestinal, genitourinary, psychiatric and neurological disorder;
  • Allergies, anxiety disorder, asthma, hyperactivity disorder, nausea, obesity, migraine;
  • Pulmonary disease, respiratory disease, hormonal imbalance, infectious disease, inflammatory diseases, musculoskeletal pain, neoplasms, Parkinson;
  • Hyperglycaemia, hypersalivation, hypertension, hypotension, hypothyroidism.



  • Tunable system for short and long term release, operating on a time scale from a few minutes to hours;
  • Drug release induced by electrical, light and magnetic stimuli, exploiting the properties of graphene;
  • Ability to combine different drugs in a single graphene sheet.