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Glass for tasting EVO oil

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Glass for tasting EVO oil, proposing a more intuitive, engaging and capable of tasting method for this to stimulate the totality of the senses, substantially enhancing its organoleptic properties.

Technical features

The calice, made of blown glass, is divided into two chambers with different functions, and is equipped with a full glass marble with three different and interchangeable surface textures according to the different types of oil to be tasted. The product is unprecedented in the sector of tasting glasses. The main features are: Articulation in two chambers, the upper one for the chromatic enhancement and oxygenation of the oil, and the lower one for the collection and emission of aromas, communicating through a small circular hole. The tasting function is made possible thanks to the crescent-shaped side opening; Presence of the glass ball with filter function in the upper chamber, to slow down the descent of the oil into the lower chamber and improve the vaporization of the aromatic components. The free movement of the marble stimulates the rotation gesture of the glass and generates a suggestive sound effect; Overall inclination of the product, to wrap the nose and increase the immersion of the product. A prototype was created with good aesthetic and functional results, level 7 of TRL. This makes the invention suitable on the market in a short time.

Possible Applications

  • Sectors of professional tasters of the national register of tasters of virgin and extra virgin olive oils with controlled designation of origin;
  • Aspiring tasters within the various active courses for obtaining physiological suitability for tasting.


  • Amplification of the sensory perception of EVO oil (amateur and professional tasting area);
  • Aesthetically and functional shape;
  • Creating a synaesthetic experience, so that the tasting is as complete and pleasant as possible.