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GeothermSkin – Energy wall modular system

Energy wallGeothermal energyHeat exchangeHeating and coolingrenewable energy


The invention is a low enthalpy geothermal technology. The concept developed is an external application of ground heat exchanger circuits to the earth-contact area of buildings like earth-retaining structures and underground levels. The heat exchange modules shape can adapt to the available area and can be applied to new structures rather than to buildings being refurbished.

Technical features

The invention is an energy system that allows the earth-contact surfaces of a building being transformed to a heat exchanger. The invention is conceived as a modular system. Each module is made up of pipes to circulate an heat carrier fluid. Sequential rather than parallel connection of the different modules can be obtained by linking modules with two different shapes: horizontal (GeothermSkin-H) or vertical deployment (GeothermSkin-V). Modules are externally applied to underground walls by a support system. The invention allows reducing initial investment costs compared to horizontal geothermal collectors rather than standard energy geostructures. The system can also be installed in existing building undergoing refurbishment and is intended for heating and/or cooling buildings.

Possible Applications

  • New buildings and underground structures;
  • Refurbishment of buildings and underground structures;
  • Cold storage for preserving agro-food and wine.


  • Rapid installation;
  • Low initial investment costs;
  • No horizontal area occupancy;
  • Suited for existing buildings;
  • Satisfaction of the minimum share of energy from renewables;
  • Dismissing at the end of the life cycle.