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The present invention relates to vaccines based on viral and / or tumor genetic and viral chimeras and plant proteins. In particular, the invention relates to therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines against high-risk Papilloma Virus Human (HPV), with increased immunogenicity and efficacy, even in the absence of adjuvants.

Technical features

High-risk Papilloma Viruses (HPV) are the etiologic agents of invasive cervical cancer, the leading cause of death in the female population in developing countries and third in the world’s female population. At the moment two preventive anti-HPV vaccines are available on the market; however, due to the high cost and the long-term latency between infection and the appearance of the tumor, the benefits of vaccination will only be evaluated within tens of years. To overcome this temporal deficit, it is necessary the development of therapeutic vaccines, for sick subjects, able to support the conventional treatments and to provoke an immune response able to eliminate the infection. The present invention consists of a new vaccine with increased immunogenicity and efficacy, even in the absence of adjuvants, based on the fusion between the HPV-16 H7 tumor antigen and the mutagenized RIP Saporin in the catalytic site (SAP-KQ).

Possible Applications

  • Development of recombinant and immunotherapeutic vaccines, in collaboration with pharmaceutical industries;
  • Prevention and / or therapy of tumors from infectious agents, in particular from Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).


  • Immune-stimulating activity, able to increase the specific immune response to the antigen to which the molecule is bound;
  • Ability to induce inflammatory reactions, prevents the induction of autoimmune responses;
  • Ability to induce apoptosis;
  • Thermodynamic stability, able to give greater stability to other proteins to which the molecule is fused.