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DiamondsGemmological analysisPortable analytical devicesspectrometry


The invention consists in a portable diagnostic device for analysis on colourless gems of unknown composition and origin for distinguishing diamonds from other gems and between natural and synthetic diamonds. The system provides a market of very high value goods with a relevant diagnostic potential – now available in research laboratories only – in a simple and reliable device.

Technical features

The invention is a gemmological tester that is based on the acquisition of a set of spectroscopic optical measurements by means of a single device. The device includes an automatized system for the elaboration and interpretation of the acquired data for distinguishing natural from synthetic diamonds after assessment of the probed gem as a diamond during the same test. The set of spectroscopic measurements comprises Raman scattering, photoluminescence excited in the red region, optical absorption in the ultraviolet, and UV excited phosphorescence. The data are automatically elaborated so as to give a clear outcome, interpretable without the need of specific technical and scientific skills.

Possible Applications

  • Private tests;
  • Jewellery diagnostics;
  • Preliminary forensic analysis;
  • Easy and quick market tests;
  • Process control in jewel production;
  • Raw material tests in mines and in the raw material market.


  • Alternative to unreliable visual tests;
  • Market entry of objective testers;
  • Availability of low cost tests;
  • Easy to use device;
  • Multiplicity of information in a single device;
  • Easy data interpretation.