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The present invention relates to a gel formulation containing water-soluble active ingredients mainly available on the pharmaceutical market as oral solid dosage forms such as immediate-release tablets or capsules or powders or granules for oral use. The formulation object of the present invention satisfies the particular needs of patients who show anomalies in the swallowing process. The pathological condition related to swallowing problems is called dysphagia.

Technical features

The present invention provides a method for reformulating water-soluble drugs, when commercially available for oral administration only in solid form with immediate release, mostly tablets and / or capsules without neglecting the existence of granules and powders for oral use. Drugs are reformulated as semi-solid preparations suitable for oral administration in patients with swallowing. This method allows to obtain an unchanged release of the active ingredient, compared to that of the drug formulated in the original dosage form. The present patent therefore describes a semi-solid formulation with rheological characteristics comparable to commercially gelled drinks, used for hydration and the administration of therapy to patients with swallowing disorders.

Possible Applications

  • Avoid any handling operations by eliminating the dangers associated with loss of active substance;
  • Avoid contamination and dosage errors with greater safety in the administration of drugs;
  • The active substance is formulated in a dosage form with a consistency suitable for swallowing in the dysphagic patients without its release kinetics being altered.


  • Potential applicability in hospital pharmacies to standardize, optimize and automate the galenic preparations of drugs available only as tablets;
  • Large-scale marketing can improve the therapeutic possibilities for dysphagia patients;
  • Industrial production may cover a market share, which is currently entrusted to galenic production in a pharmacy.